Ethical Hacker | Pentester | Offensive Security Consultant.

About Me

My name is Eric Muthengia. I’m a Dad, Offensive Security Consultant. Basically, I hack  into companies before the bad guys do!

I work at Afyarekod LTD in Nairobi, Kenya as a Lead Cybersecurity Engineer. I blog about technology, gadgets, code, the web, where we’re going and where we’ve been. I’m excited about community, social equity, entrepreneurship and above all, the open web.

I’m also on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Github

If you just want to email me, go a head send an email to but be nice and make sure you Googled around a bit before you do. 😉

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Background Information

I worked as a Network Engineer at LTL Projects PVT (Uganda), Network Engineer at Setlak Computers Ltd, Head of IT Services at Bake n Bite Ltd, Cybersecurity Engineer at Ecosystems Technologies, Board Member & Consultant at Environmental Conservancy Africa (ECA), Cybersecurity Engineer at Cyber Guard Africa, Cybersecurity Engineer at the United Nations (UN) in Bamako, Mali  and now working as a Lead Cybersecurity Engineer at Afyarekod.

I have also worked on a bunch of websites & web based applications you have heard of or may be use on your day to day activity.

Too Much Information

I am an early adopter, it seems. I ran Windows 95, 98 and Backtrack OS a very long time ago.  I like tools, and I’ve written some of my own for personal hacking.

I hack on hardware, IoT devices, web applications, APIs, networks and mobile applications. I do Open Source. I am good at Linux and keep my resume mostly up to date for no reason.

I have hacked a number of companies and got awarded bounties. I don’t sleep too much, I research a lot. 

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